Samuel Trepanier looking at NYCEveryone has the opportunity of making their dreams come true, but often, we do not know where to start The X Journey. If you think back hard enough you’ll remember to who and what you wanted to be in your childhood, when everything was limitless. I have had these very same thoughts many times. I created this blog to show the world that it is alright to dream, to have ambitions, and it is possible to make your dream a working and living reality. I want people to know that, even as an actor, model and athlete, I am no different from everyone else. If I was able to make my dream projects materialize, so can you! We must all believe in our self.

I want people of all ages to start dreaming again and do what it takes to make things happen for them. I want everyone to know that their destiny is in their hands and that they can undertake anything! You don’t need to be SPECIAL to do great things in life, you just need to believe, and to stand firm in what matters to you… Your beliefs!

Now of course this is not an easy task to transmit with only a few words on a website, but if I can convince at least a few people over time that I am the same as them, then I know I am making a difference, a positive impact on their way of thinking. With this blog people will understand and get to see the real me: I am a normal person and an everyday, down-to-earh guy. The only exception is that I have conditioned my way of thinking and applied dedication and willpower. Discipline and willpower are fundamental parts of achieving whatever you want. All you need is that spark of a dream, to illuminate your ideas and then the courage to make that first step and continue your way even though it seems difficult. I think we all can live better lives, healthier lives, if we listened to ourselves and did what it is that we want to do.

Having these motto in mind, I’m glad to share my life and adventures with you! I believe you can find the motivation it takes to get your dreams done!

S e t  T h e  X  J o u r n e y