I came home from Tokyo last Friday at 11 p.m. and on Saturday at 3 p.m. I had to take a plane leaving for Chicago where I was to spend two days for a shoot. That evening I went out to enjoy a good meal in the city like I had promised myself I would do. The hotel manager convinces me to go to the Purple Pig, a chic and hip place. I get there and the place is packed! There is no more room at the bar and the tables (that can sit ten people) are all occupied with only one exception. I realise that there is only ONE seat left in the whole place! The waitress walks me to it and a feeling of uneasiness takes hold of me as I am under the impression that everyone at that table is looking at the loner: me! My waitress brings me the list of wines but before I can look at it the lady sitting in front of me suggests that I take the same as they’re having. I immediately start feeling a little less like an intruder!

Minutes later the waitress shows up with the food and the man sitting at my left (turns out he’s from Texas) validates my choice. I’m glad my table neighbours are sympathetic and start talking with them. It’s not long before fatigue hits me, no wonder with a 14 hour jetlag, and I have to get up early. I have a call at 6 a.m.

The shoot is taking place on Lake Michigan and it’s a “summer shoot” although the weather is almost freezing! But the team is great so everything goes! After the shoot I meet with the young lady from the Purple Pig and her brother at Sullivan’s, corner Dearborn and Hubbard. In short I’ve not wasted my time in Chicago and enjoyed the whole four days.

Here is my Board from Chicago:
Montage Chicago

Tuesday I’m up at four a.m. and haul my ass to the hotel Cap Des Pères - 2008gym before getting on a taxi. Wednesday I’m shooting with Jean-Claude Lussier at his studio in Montreal. The photos are exceptional; better than we could have ever expected! Then I leave for Mont-Tremblay where these words are being typed down. Tomorrow I’ll be shooting again (In a few hours actually!).

Earlier today, on the way to Mont-Tremblay, I realised we driving in the direction of Cap de Pères: the first crag where I started rockclimbing four years ago. I cannot believe that two days ago I was in Tokyo, yesterday in Chicago and today at Mont-Tremblant! Once again I look back on the choice I’ve made to become a model and I’m glad I did it. I’ve always wanted a fast moving life and I have it now!