Hello from Barcelona!!During my last trip to Spain, I had the chance to shoot with a very good friend of mine, Alejandro Brito who is a fabulous photographer. I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen a couple pictures we’ve shot together, and without any doubt, like the Spaniards would say: the result is “phenomenal” 😛

While I spent 10 days in Spain, I discovered few new places that I enjoyed a lot and now a pleasure to share with you:

  • In Barcelona, hit “Casa Mari i Rufo” for lunch and try the “flambé foie gras steak” and make sure to ask for the truffles french fries! I heard the fish is also excellent, but it was out of stock at the time we arrived… The steak seems salty, but it’s actually a bit sweet as you’ll understand why when they will burn the foie gras on top of your steak right in front of you.
  • Still in Barcelona, a friend suggested to go for a drink at “Numeronueve” (Numero 9). The 3 of us were delighted by the drinks and the ambiance was also very good.
  • Now in Madrid, if you like fresh seafood I suggest you to try “El Cucurucho del Mar Restaurant” for dinner. It’s not too expensive and the food is amazing!
  • Last but not least, again in Madrid, the place called “Mercado de la Reina Restaurant” will show you the most typical plates and tapas in Spain while being right in the touristic area.

Oh..! Something quite interesting… Since a couple years now I go to Spain on a regular basis and I thought I was somehow allergic to their famous “Jamon Iberico”. I’m personally not a huge fan of it, but most of the time I tried it, I was having a weird sensation on the sides of my tongue… I find out on my last trip that this was actually a sign of excellence for the so called “Jamon Iberico”. My friend explained me that this came from the nuts the animal ate, and if the weird tongue effect doesn’t happen, it’s only because the pig was not raised in its traditional way!

Okay, enough of food talk… But let me know how you enjoyed these places during your next trip to Barna!

Here’s the Part I of the shooting I did with my buddy Alejandro Brito! Feel free to share below if you enjoyed this post!

Enjoy !