Mallorca, Spain

Going to that Island has been a dream of mine for 4 years now. Spent two wonderful days shooting and then drove over to Cala D’Or, Mallorca’s south east. I planned to do some deep water soloing, which consists of free climbing over the sea. The sea breaks your fall but can slap you very hard depending on how you manage the fall!

The 18 meter height makes you think twice, but it’s the least of your problems. The waves are what’s going to kill you… If they get to crush you on the rock! Better know what you’re doing. I’d rather get wet than bloody wet, if you know what I mean!

Last week I had to read a poem in my acting class entitled “Drinking While Driving”. The whole thing inspired me to write one myself. While it’s uncommon to speak of rock climbing in a poem, I believe it’s a good way to express what’s constantly been on my mind these past few days…

While reading it, try to imagine yourself being there, just like on the following picture, and hanging from the rock, above those waves, enjoying yourself but still having to fight your fear of falling in the same time!

From all these thoughts, I composed:

The Wolf’s Sea

It’s almost June and I have not
Touched the rock in six months,
Except some quarries in north of Scotland.
More than ever, I’m starring at the sea;
Unsure about the future,
But confident about the present.
Nevertheless, broken down from two paths,
I can’t be sure.
If I close my eyes for a minute,
The waves took away my dreams.
I could gladly fly down and hold my breath forever,
But the future, is together.
The outbreak nudges me, and a dream came true.


Enjoy your dream !