I went to Paris for a job and my trip was supposed to last 5 days, but I’ve been here for a month now with my little 5 days luggage! So, I’m writing this post sitting on the washing machine!

While shooting has been more than amazing, my personal life and relationships have been perturbed in the last few months. I remember being in this airplane three months ago… Many miles away, the sun was going in the same direction we were, making it rising very slowly, pending there for hours. The beautiful light and this time collapse reminded me of a feeling I had 8 years ago during our begining: I was looking at the future, expecting the best for my girl and I. Then, we were obsessed with school and many other things and not realizing that the sun was up and shinning for both of us in its blue sky. After all, it was exactly as we had wished… And, my life start changing. On my side of the world, the sun was still shining, but on her side a moon had come up between our sun and her. By living now on a different planet, I hadn’t noticed it, but the moon was out there, blocking my sun rays shining toward her, and dazzling me with… Today, I can say that the moon thought to be the king; well, he thought to be the king of the night, the king of nothing!
Now after a few weird and painful months, life is good again, and it reminds me of a time when I was a little 10 years old boy…

I was there one night, at home, sitting on a rock at the waterside. It was a warm summer night. I was playing in the water with my feet, staring at its perfection. It was the first time I saw this kind of wonder. Its beauty totally shocked me! There was something about it that was so special, it seemed to me that if purity and perfection existed, it was right in front of me! I was staring at it, rays of colors and of different shapes were dancing in front of my eyes! It was the first time I was looking at an Aurora Borealis. The contrast on the cold water, the warm and humid air, and those awesome colors in the sky made this moment very unique and particular. It put a print in my mind of what was going to be the perfection!

Now I’m kind of feeling in the same mood. I was one who thought the best moments were already in the past, but those days are over and I completely disagree with myself now! Well, life can be beautiful and perfect at any moment, we just need to make it happen!
Even if I had anought time in the air in 2012 with my 54 flights, with all those memories in my head I really enjoy this feeling of flying even if our feet touch the ground !

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To finish, a new video!

P.S. : I supposed to Dance With Wolfes last week in Paris on February 7th, but an outside mistake turned it off… Next time! I have to say thanks for your help “Two Socks” during this hard moment!

Enjoy life!