La seine, Paris

I have been in Paris for a month and a half now and this city is absolutely unique for its ancestral architecture that did quite turn me on when I first laid eyes on it! Although totally different from Montreal in looks, the people have a lot in common and share the same warmth and hospitality. Friendships are easy to make.

All my doubts about being able to get contacts and find work have been erased. On my first auditioning day I had already gotten two contracts. In short my days are already full. And I still can’t believe I’m working in Europe! My apartment is great, not for its size or luxury, but for its situation. I’m in downtown Paris, 550 meters away from my agency.


Friday September 30th
Appartement ParisI am flying over Austria and a simple look out the window is enough to amaze me. Such beauty I see! I am enchanted by the fact that I get to do work that I love and discover new gorgeous spaces in the same time.

The five next days in this magnificent country were great but tiring! After a job done in Paris on Monday, I had to go directly to the airport and take a plane to Austria. I had barely had the time to get the infos for the flight before it took off! On Tuesday, we shoot in near a beautiful hotel in Salzburg.
On Wednesday we went in the mountains of Kaprun. The goal was to find snow and it was much harder to do than we thought it would.
Montagne de Kaprun, Autriche

That evening I was completely exhausted but I couldn’t take it to go to bed without climbing a bit first. It had gone five days without it and it felt awful. I had the luck of finding a climbing gym where I spent the evening. This night out allowed me to discover parts of the city I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Then on Thursday it was work, work, work and on Friday it was back to the airport (Still exhausted of course!).

Rest assured that once I get back to Paris I’m going to Fontainebleau climbing on rock this time!
Escalde de bloc à Fontainebleau

See you soon!