At the age of 8 years old I had totally upholstered my bedroom wall with superbike racing posters and other pictures, Oh yeah !… By then I already had a strong passion for fast engines on two wheels!

Samuel Trepanier and his sister Pamella

Suddenly last spring I realized I needed to enjoy life a bit more instead of working all the time. Even if I had fulfilled my superbike’s dream with motocross riding awhile back, I was still feeling an intense need for speed and a adrenaline rush. So I decided to buy a BMW Superbike!

Now we are almost there, my team Blysk Racing and I are on the eve of the first race in June. We are looking to finalized the budget for 2015, and your contribution would be more than welcome to help us win the championship this year!

Samuel Trepanier - Blysk Racing

Any donation will be more than appreciated, from the 1$ to the hundreds, feel free to share our fund raising upon your socials feeds! Here’s the link to fund us :

Thanks for your support, and welcome to the team!