A year ago I was leaving the Québec Province for Europe with a very clear objective: build an international career. With contracts in France, Paris, Spain, Italy and recently Japan, I would say I’m succeeding. I just spent two weeks in Tokyo where the Agency treated me as a guest of honour, which is a rare thing in the business. I took a rare moment to lean back and meditate on how great this last year has been for me and how much I’m thankful for it. I took a look outside my hotel room window from where I could see the entire city of Tokyo. What an amazing view that was!
Tokyo Who would have thought that this young man who grew up in Sainte-Barbe, Québec, would one day get to travel to Paris, Barcelona, Milan, London, Hamburg, Munich, Madrid, Stockholm and Tokyo and feel at home! I’ve worked in everyone of those cities and I’ve also made friends and when I come to think of it, a smile comes to my face and I’m happy for what I’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.

All is not perfect, but I can definitely I’ve been living the life I want! I went after a dream I had as a teenager and now I’m living that dream. I’ve worked hard and it’s paid well. I’ve not once looked behind me and I have no regrets. One thing though is that I haven’t really taken the time to lay back and relax before I got to Tokyo. I can that I’ve fully enjoyed my stay here and now a song is stuck in my mind: Coldplay’s Princess of China; only in my head it plays: Princess Of China de Coldplay. “Dear Princess Of Japan, let say that now you can open it !” is what I’m thinking as I’m getting ready to open the next door.

Enjoy every moment!