Cassiopée - 5.14aHave you ever thought it impossible to achieve certain things in life even though some people have done them before you? When I started climbing in 2007 I believed that climbers who could do 5.14 and above were gifted beyond comprehension. I thought they possessed something I didn’t have. I believed they new something I didn’t know and I badly wanted to learn what it was. Although I considered it impossible to achieve hard climbs like that myself, I slowly rose to the level and realised that with determination, commitment and hard work one could accomplish such a feat. It was only a matter of time and perseverance. Of course believing in your self is a major asset!It wasn’t until my trip to EuropeEurope that I realised how true that is! With lots of time to climb and reflect on things, it became evident that I had in me (Just like everybody else does!) the tools to reach my goals. It became obvious to me that when you do everything in your power to make it, you finally make it. And things might happen a lot quicker than you think!

Here is a video of me climbing Cassiopée, a beautiful 5.14a line redpoint!
Fix yourselves goals and make your dreams a reality!

Go for it!