Oh modern intelligent phones! How could I live without you! I wouldn’t change you for the world… but I would definitely add a stronger battery to it! So I’m using my good old notebook to write this post down!
I’m in an Air France plane right now going back to Paris after spending the week in Greece. Four days on Kea island (Part 1), one in Athens (Part 2) and two days near Nafplio (Part 3). So this is part 1, and Part 2-3 will be coming shortly!
The economic crisis that Greece is struggling with is easily seen. The streets are full of abandoned buildings while being built. Merchants refuse to take cards (Only cash!) because they do not want to declare the sales so things are getting worse and in this way the economy is not going to get better shortly!

Our work on the island of Kea is taking place on the beach and in the sea, despite a chilly weather and only 12 Celsius degrees. Life is hard, lol! But when you are surrounded by great people, a little bit of cold weather can be dealt with. In the end the shoot was very agreeable. We managed to make the temperature go up a few degrees, the olive oil our cook was using profusely must have helped! I still managed to catch a cold though. But there was nothing like crushing millipedes at night with your bare feet while going to the restroom !

Talk to you soon!