Written at Ibiza airport : 22h48

Ibiza tomorrow morning! I set the alarm for 5 a.m. I will be getting seven hours of sleep. I’m happy this time I’m gonna get to sleep a little more than usual!

It’s 1:30 in the morning and I still haven’t fallen asleep. I can distinctly hear the neighbour (Despite wearing ear plugs!) yelling at my roommates in a very aggressive manner. What a joy!!!

4 a.m. All the noise from the party my roommates are throwing has finally quieted down. I am finally asleep!

I arrive in Ibiza with one hour of sleep in me. A night like no other! Luckily enough for me the shoot doesn’t last long and it’s still early when I leave for the beach. I take the time to contact my girlfriend and talk to her via Google talk. Actually I should congratulate her for sticking up with me through all this. My new life has not been making things easy for us lately!

Although I’ve barely slept at all I am restless and leave the beach to go out walking into the empty city streets of « Platja d’en Bossa », which is not very far away from the very popular city of Ibiza. I take out my camera and start taking shots!

If an image is worth a thousand words here are thousands words to describe this small city which isn’t much welcoming in the slow season. I’m rather happy with that though because the photos are quite interesting.