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Blysk Racing is much more than pure riding; it is first a team that puts all its efforts to achieve the best performance with what it has in term of experience, knowledge, budget and some racing skills of course!

Samuel Trepanier for Magistrale Magazine

Together with my team Blysk Racing and our exceptional sponsors, we accomplished many great projects this summer and here is one of them; doing the cover of the freshly released Magistrale Magazine! We are pleased to get our sponsors to this level as they help us all season long in the pursuit of perfection! I would like to say a special thanks to Soraya Dickenson, Olymp – fashion clothing, and Ken Owttrim for making this project as sharp as it is 🙂 !

To read the interview and get some interesting facts, please wait a second while it’s loading below. On mobile, once the grey box has appeared, click on it to start downloading the pdf or simply click the link below.

Download the PDF file Samuel Trepanier's Interview for Magistrale Magazine.

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