The last 2 weeks had been quite crazy… Well, like the last 2 years!


In 14 days: I shoot in Lisbon, did motocross in Montreal, nice castings in New York City, I climb in Paris and Montreal, I did a casting for a main role in a short short movie in Paris, I get in Stuttgart for 20 hours for a special event where I most likely party. And oh, I nearly forget!! I climb up a construction crane in Lisbon to do some night photography. It’s like my little ritual when I travel to nice places like this. So far, I did it in Hambourg last winter with the frozen lake, in Vevey in Switzerland, in Paris next to the Eiffel tower, and last week in Lisbon from 1 am to 5:30 am! Unfortunately, I don’t publish these pictures on internet because it will be some master peaces of my photography expositions! Well…. okay, okay, just a little one! But nothing about the view, just about the feeling.


In other hand, I’m actually working on my next post. The story of my last trip in Istanbul while the riots was ravaging the Taksim Square, with an impressive Full HD video and very nice pics!
It’s now done! Click here to access the post.


See you soon!!!