Shot by Simon Normand

The turbulence has now ceased. Casting, fashion show, campaign, interview, look books and catalogue are all part of my lingo now. I am heading out to Paris and expexting a lot from this trip. It could be a major move in my becoming an international model. After getting one contract after another in Montreal, I am taking my luck to Europe! My bookers are telling me that getting where I am today in just 8 months is unusual to say the least. I am very lucky! I am hoping to be able to accomplish as much on the international market.

The world of modelling was completely unknown to me before and although I had dreamed of it at a younger age, I never expected for things to go as well and as fast for me. I didn’t even think I had the potential! It all began when I met the person that would then become my friend: Cloé Legault. She is on the Allez Up competition team with me. That is how I met her actually. She is a renown stylist and I had faith that in asking for her advice I would be getting a strait answer. Her feed back was positive so I thought: why not! I went to Folio for a photo shoot and the next day I was on the “New Faces” team.

Folio took me in like I was a member of the family. Nobody knew what was in for me, but they all had faith in me. My agent, Vincent Francis, new right away what was in for me though! He saw the potential and under his guardianship and all the right people in the business I started growing fast as a model. Of course I had to work really hard. Yes, being photogenic is of great help, but that’s not all of it. So far it’s been the greatest lesson I’ve learned in my life! The click of the camera is but a tiny fraction of the work that’s needed before you can even take a picture. Modelling is an art and like with any other art form, you need to work hard to perform well. In short, good looks are not everything!

To Finish, I invite you to read the article made from the interview I did for the La Presse newspaper.

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