Round 1 – PRO Superbike 2017 – Shannonville, Ontario

Photo Credit : Marcel Kutschenreuter

Blysk Racing is now working with a dedicated videographer to offer you guys a complete experience! Together with André Neder, we are excited to present you our first National Championship Race Report of 2017!

No need to write much here, the video covers almost everything (almost) 😉 As you will see in the video, a race weekend is a constant evolution and we are pretty happy on how it ended, breaking my personal best record with a fastest time of 1:05.5 minutes!

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Nothing would have been possible without my #1 teammate Beata Marszalik. I also want to thank Jon Cornwell from Ohlins suspensions for his incredible tuning expertise, as well as my mechanic Hervé Remetter, Martin Richard and Nico Meunier for their amazing work!

It was a pleasure to receive your comments on Facebook and Instagram before and after the races 😀 They are always very much appreciated! Again if you enjoyed the video, feel free to let me know by using the sharing buttons below!

I also want to thank my 2017 sponsors for their support this season, take a moment to learn more about them by clicking the image below!

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Cheers 😀 !