A bee and a high side – From 25th to 11th position

The Canadian national superbike championship race season has finally started! My team and I have worked none stop this winter to build up some amazing partnership with the best companies. Every single one of our sponsors is offering amazing quality products and a personalized services for your needs. Take a moment to have a look at their website and social media page as every sponsor support the team as much as they can and therefore allow me and you to live this beautiful adventure 🙂 !
I certainly don’t like the way the racing seasons started out the past 2 years, but at least it’s getting a little better this time as the bike wasn’t damaged too much. Without mentioning yet the high side I did during the Saturday morning practice, a bee got into my race suit on Friday! The unlucky one flew through the space left below my throat and the suit at 180 km/h and got stock in the middle of my chest cavity. I clearly felt something hit my throat, but I didn’t pay more attention to it until I really started to feel something was burning on my chest! I first thought it was some kind of nerve pinching, but even after moving around the burning was simply rising and rising! The problem is that you just can’t stop where you want on a race track, so I had to keep the pace and be on the throttle while feeling this burning sensation of a needle pushed through my chest :-/ ! I exit the track in the so called “Fabie” pit lane on the other side of the track – I unzipped my suit, took my chest protector out, called the marshal, and unzipped my under layer. The marshal confirmed I was really red so I took my helmet off and found that bee who was still alive in my under layer 😛 ! It stung me 5 or 6 times… No need to say that I had a huge bump for a couple days after!
The marshal told me it meant good luck; so now I guess this bee saved me from breaking any bones the morning after during the high side crash and looking like a super hero flying over my bike…
Here’s a short summary video of the last national race at Shannonville. If you enjoy watching, please click the share button below the video so that I know it was worth the work 😀 !

It was very nice to receive all your amazing wishes after the crash. I have to say that during the hour I spent in the medical room, I clearly didn’t want to get back on the bike… The accident was extremely painful even though I didn’t break any bones. Every single comments helped to get my mind back on track and get myself from the very last position on the grid to 11th place overall in the race 😀 !
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Cheers 😀 !