CSBK Round 4 – PRO Superbike 2017 – Shubénacadie, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia! Such an inspiration for pure nature, ocean, lake and wild forest! We didn’t get the chance to do the tourist sight seeing yet, but the 14 hours drive to get to the track showed us great insights about this beautiful area of Canada.

As much as the round 3 at St-Eustache was my worst weekend ever (if not yet seen, watch the video here), the round 4 of the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship was the start of a true inspiration for the future of my racing career. On Saturday’s race, I realized that the front runners were not that far from my pace and that it was possible to either run with them, or in front of them. That opened up some doors in my head and it really had a great influence on my performances later on in August at the final round 5 at CTMP – but that will be covered in the next video 😉

No need to put more words into it, our video maker Andre Neder mixed us an amazing video which tells it all! Sit back and enjoy the thrill! Once you’re done, please let us know with the sharing buttons below if you enjoyed it 🙂 !

These amazing performances so far have been possible because of the constant help of my team, big thanks to Beata Marszalik, Martin Richard and Herve Remetter! A huge thanks also goes to my 2017 sponsors, their support this season makes a real difference! Take a moment to learn more about them by clicking the image below!

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