7th place overall in my first Pro season!

Shot by Heather Bashow

Editing videos is quite a process and I apologize for the time it took me to finalize this one. Although once again it was worth the hours (I guess so) and I’m really happy to be able to share this amazing content with you 🙂 I add new features, you’ll now be able to see the SPEED, GEARS, TRACK MAP, and G-FORCES in real time while I race!

That weekend was a highly competitive one, with Claudio Corti coming from the USA and many other fast riders such as Darren James who gave me some challenges in both races as you’ll see! The weekend went well, but it’s not always easy to work around the mechanical issues, but we made it through. Watch my last race summary for 2016 and have a look at the speed gauge and let me know the highest speed you see there 😛 !!
Nothing would have been possible without my #1 teammate Beata Marszalik. I also want to thank my mechanic Hervé Remetter, Robin Lafitte, Team Levil, and all Blysk Racing sponsors for their support!

Your continued support is incredible, if you want to help me with simple clicks, take a look at my sponsors as the credit goes to these amazing companies. They helped me out to accomplished this crazy dream I had of becoming a Pro Superbike Racer… And not only did I realize it, but I did it in great style with the following on my team: ELLE Skin Perfection, LP Tent Canada, Macmac.Agency, BED Serigraphie Montreal, Bickle Racing, Shark Helmets, Ohlins USA, MM. Carrosserie & Mecanique, huile Ipone, Nadon Sport, ASM Motosport, Lettrage T2 Design, Turcotte Performance, TSBK, Pro 6 Cycle, Hindle Exhaust, Karting St-Zotique, Euromoto, Fab-Mac inc, Sport Bike Track Gear USA, Hotbodies Racing, Franklin Motosport, Dunlop, and BMW Motorrad.

Sit back and enjoy the thrill! Once you’re done, just let me know with the sharing buttons below if you enjoyed it 🙂 !

Note: if you’re on a cellphone, the new Youtube “End Screen” is bugging… Here’s the link to watch the 2016 Full Race Season.

It was a pleasure to receive your comments on Facebook and Instagram before and after the races 😀 They are always very much appreciated! Again if you enjoyed the video, feel free to let me know by using the sharing buttons below!

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Cheers 😀 !