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Have you ever caught yourself thinking about having a super powered brain that allows you to do time travel or levitation? Although these two elements are related to physics more than brain capacity, the idea is the same here: how can we increase the functions of our brain to get better results at school and in sports, or to live a better life and have better relationship?

In the past few weeks I was in communication with Neuroperforma Inc and we agreed in moving forward together as a sponsor during my 2017 race season. That means during the next couple weeks I’ll have access to their international expertise and I’ll be sharing with you the awesome process of fine tuning my brain! While I’ll be sharing with you the BEFORE – DURING – AFTER process here in my blog, I’ll be covering the daily treatments through my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. It will be very exciting to learn together about this futuristic treatment!

What does Neuroperforma?

commotion-cerebrale Neuroperforma offers dedicated analysis and treatments in order to make your brain work to its full capacity. Their main expertise consist in working with people suffering of attention disorders (ADHD), depression/anxiety, post traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD), sleeping problems, cerebral concussions, and to work with athletes for performances enhancing.

How do you work out your brain?

They start the process by analyzing how your brain works by recording the electricity flow in your brain with a 19 electrodes “hat”. Once the data are collected, they analyze over 2,400 connections happening in your brain in order to build the appropriate treatment so that the lazy areas get to work out a bit! To do so, once the analysis is done, you put back the 19 electrodes hat and you have to make a video play with your brain! In other words, when the “lazy area” that you should be working out is working properly, the video goes on. But when the lazy area stays in a lazy state, the video stops! It’s a simple as this 😛 I’ve been told that after 5 minutes your brain understand by itself the task to achieve and you’re able to watch the entire video. entrainement-en-neurofeedback
Note that the whole process is 100% passive, that means that there’s no input or any kind of electricity or wave given to your brain, so you really work it out yourself. It’s like going to the gym, but for your brain!

What are my goals in consulting Neuroperforma?

Over the years I’ve suffered many crashes, some on my dirt bike where I once surely got very close to death after an enormous post traumatic choc, and other crashes on my superbike where once my left eye stopped moving for about 40 seconds (that happened during my first ever race weekend …!) scary :-/ ! While the first crash mentioned above surely left some damages in my brain, the second one left me with bad memories that are now affecting my performances on the track. Alongside with two other crashes that could have been avoid in superbike, the technical reasons that caused these events are constantly running in my mind and reduce my concentration during races. Neuroperforma has a way to flush all these, and I’m about to find out!

Last but not least, over the past 6 years, social medias, computer’s screens and cell phones surely deteriorated the performance of my reflexes as well of my eyes capacity to move and focus in a glimpse. I personally feel that my brain is getting slower and slower the more I’m working in front of a screen and I want to feel back the amazing flow that my brain had before!

Sci-Fi or Reality?

Tableau-coherence-cardiaques_FR When I first heard of Neuroperforma, the name itself captured my attention a lot. In my entourage, I’ve always been known as a very conscientious person who is listening to all the inside sensations that we can experience as a human being. I’m not talking here about experiencing drugs or so, I’m talking about the various subtle effects that sleep, food and sport have on our own physical strength as well as the most important: our mental state such as happiness, motivation, concentration, memory, etc. Thanks to my mom for that, she instills me the importance of observing and accumulating that knowledge regarding these elements and I’ve finally learned what’s best for me. Over the years, I’ve been sharing this knowledge with my friends, and it appears that the data I cumulated were not only right for me, but could help others too.

So I’m 100% confident in being able to determine if the treatments received at Neuroperforma will benefit my brain capacity compared to its actual state now.

Live Streaming of the First Appointment

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Neuroperforma Inc. – Premier meeting

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Neuroperforma Inc. – Electroencéphalogram !

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We will discover all this together and I’m sure it’s going to be pretty exciting!
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