Neuroperforma - During

On my previous post “Neuroperforma – Before” I’d covered what exactly is this new technology and what was my personal expectation in doing this brain training. A month later, it feels like a totally new me! Together with Neuroperforma, so far I’ve trained 3 of the 4 networks that we wanted to cover, and I must say the results are super positive! Since the very beginning of the treatments, I kept note of the improvements that I was going through and noticing the results after each training sessions. Before I list them, please take a moment to review the expectations I had before this treatment:

What were my goals when consulting Neuroperforma?

Over the years I’d suffered many crashes, some on my dirt bike where I once surely came very close to death after an enormous post traumatic shock, and other crashes on my superbike where once my left eye stopped moving for about 40 seconds (that happened during my first ever race weekend in 2015 …!) scary :-/ ! While the first crash mentioned above surely left some injuries in my brain, the second one left me with bad memories that are now affecting my performances on the track alongside with two other crashes during my superbike races that could have been avoided. The technical reasons that caused these events were constantly running in my mind and reduce my concentration during races. Neuroperforma has a way of flushing out all these post-traumatic stresses and I was about to find out!

Last but not least, over the past 6 years, social medias, computer’s screens and cell phones surely deteriorated the performance of my reflexes as well as my eyes functions to move and focus in a glimpse. I personally felt that my brain was getting slower and slower the more I was working in front of my computer screen and I wanted to revive that amazing flow that my brain once had.

What changes I’ve noticed after 1 months of treatment?

Let’s break down the training I’m doing with Neuroperforma in 4 different boxes.
The first box contains the anxiety network, the second contains the single focus network, while the third box is multitasking network, and the fourth the visual process network. There’s a fifth network which is the memory, but we haven’t gotten to that training as yet.
Each network is responsible for multiple daily tasks such as: the way you’re tense on a daily basis, how strong and how long you can concentrate on a single task, how good you are at doing two things at the same time such as listening to two conversations at the same time, and how quick your brain process the visual information.
Good to know here, a training consists of 6 rounds of 5 minutes with 30 seconds break in between. For each rounds, the brain is working to make sure the video or/and the music plays. For every network, we do 5 trainings of 30 minutes, each separated by at least one night of sleep.
Like you’re about to see below, I’ve noticed important changes in my behavior and how my brain was processing information.

Anxiety Network

That was a real shock for me. I’m not, or I didn’t consider myself anxious, but seems like there was a fair amount of stress in my body that I wasn’t aware of anymore. At the very first training / treatment I came out the building and I felt like it was summer in my head! The feeling was quite special because I felt we didn’t do much in there. It’s nothing like weightlifting or a mathematic exam; you just sit and wait for the brain to work itself out!
For the 4th other treatments that followed, this amazing feeling of being fully relaxed increase until I really felt 100% at peace. Through this phase, the hours of sleep I needed decreased and my sleep became way deeper. Now when I wake up in the morning, I’m ready to fire up, and that was something I was having problems with for all my life because I was more a night owl then an early bird. Another major thing since then is that the chronic shoulder pain I had since 14 years finally left me alone. It simply disappeared in thin air! Gone! I’d consulted many health professionals over the years and no one was able to fix this problem. It was some sort of reflex that my brain was protecting my shoulder, but making it sore at the same time. It was like a spear wheel in my shoulder… Now it has been a couple weeks and the problem hasn’t come back! I really hope that this chronic pain is gone forever 😀 !

Single Focus Network

You know that feeling of having trouble to focus on one thing? Well this is something that I trained too at Neuroperforma. I’ve seen considerable improving in that field and I’m very pleased with it! It feels just like when I was younger at around 10-12 years old when my head wasn’t full of daily tasks to disturb my brain.
Now I feel that even though the numbers of daily tasks is still high, my brain has a much better capacity to achieve one thing at a time. And not only have I had a better focus, since there’s less distraction in my brain, I can achieve these tasks better and faster! It’s like taking an old engine and tuning it up with new parts 😛 ! No kidding, the sensation is amazing!

Multitasking Network

Multitasking Network - Neuroperforma

What I’ve felt the most in this network training is that my brain is now hungry for accomplishments. Whenever I’m driving, waiting on the phone, flying, or any other moment when I can do something more, my brain is excited to get things done!
On top of this major drive improvement that finally came back to me (I was like this in the past), I truly saw improvements when I want to listen to two conversations, listen when I’m reading, listen when I’m writing, or think of my idea while I’m writing (just like now). These are all very simple things in our lives that we can achieve everyday without really noticing them. In my case, I’m paying attention to all these actions, every day since I’m young, and therefore now I can really tell you that I’m super aware of the improvement I’ve gained with the trainings at Neuroperforma!

Visual Treatment Network

I’ll start training this network soon. I’m pretty excited about it and looking forward to share with you the benefit I’ll get to see!

Overwriting My Bad Memories

One other thing I wanted to work on with Neuroperforma was to get rid of this fear that my 3 crashes left me with. They were affecting me not only on the bike, but also in my daily life. In short, I was afraid to die. That came on when the 2 riders that died in California in 2015. Everyone wrote me how they were concerned about my racing and how much they were scared for me. Well, step by step, the impact of these negative inputs on me was directly affecting my daily life. I was constantly waiting for my turn, and I mean constantly, everyday. That was taking a whole lot of energy out of my day and it was becoming very painful somehow.
Neuroperfoma did help me with this, but not through neurofeedback. It was with the help of their psychologist, she performed a simple Eye Movement Integration (EMI) and my brain was finally able to separate my racing career off of the fear I was stock with. So one thing to remember here, telling me how afraid you are doesn’t help me at all, I’m already well aware of the risks but I need to look above them to be as concentrated/secured as possible 🙂
An EMI is a manual reproduction of what your brain does every night while it sort out the emotions/events you lived in your day. I really suggest this technique if there’s something that leaves you in shock for years or you would really like to overcome it. It’s now been scientifically proved that it works, it’s not some sort of bullshit at all. I did it 2 weeks ago and I confirm you that it works.

General Feeling So Far

Light, efficient, and happy. This is exactly how I’m feeling now. I’ve been seeing my confidence in doing various things simultaneously increasing a lot and that’s just the beginning of it 🙂 !

I’m not having any kind of anxiety problem or attention disorder, so I wonder how amazing the improvement feels like if I would! The step my brain took forward is considerably high and I truly recommend giving Neuroperforma a call if you’re suffering of any of the above I mentioned or the problems listed on their website. You’ll be truly amazed to see your life change.

With the hope to help others finding their daily balanced, I wish you all an amazing day!