While traveling Europe last fall season, I’ve had the chance to obtain a contract in the Canary Islands. The first thing I did when the news was broken to me was to add a day off in my schedule to go visit the splendid Island called Tenerife. During the two days I was working, I was in really good company. The team was really great and everything was perfect! I was lucky enough during these two days to be working with a Spanish man native from Tenerife. On a map he showed me all the spots where I could go surfing and climbing. Thanks to him I was able to plan an itinerary for myself.

Itinéraire Mallorca

I leave the hotel Santa Cruz’s Taburiente, heading out to the airport in a taxi to rent a little car ! After coming across some logistic difficulties, I finally get to rent a vehicle that will allow me to visit the famous Island that receives the most sunlight yearly.

The 24 hours car renting chrono is on. With my small tourist map in hand, I head out in the direction of Teide volcano. After having taken lots of photos and shot a few videos I finally lay eyes on a white rock formation. It could only be the climbing area my Spanish friend had pointed out for me. Otherwise, everywhere else the rock was dark and sandy. I first make sure I have all my gear and start walking towards the area. I enjoyed the company of these rocks all by myself for six hours before the sun left. The experience was magical. Not only did I have this gorgeous place for me alone but the background was stupendous!

You will see in the first part of the video few sequences about the first days of shoot, then a second part about my climbing journey. Afterwards, I thought about it, and I get a little bit too high on some boulder! The rock was like a shell; all empty inside, so easily breakable (you’ll see…). I was alone and without “crash pad”, I should have been more careful but it was beyond my control! Yes, I’ve been scared sometimes 😀 !

I ended the road trip at the south end of the Island where I enjoyed a little driving along sharp roads. At the end of the day I parked the car nearby a beach and spent the night under the stars lying on a long chair.
When I woke up the next morning, I had yet lived another one of my dreams!

The video !
or here to watch it with Vimeo.


Enjoy the life !