I just returned from South Africa! I went there for a shoot, but after 11 hours on a plane (from Paris), I thought it would be worth a ride to Rocklands; a worldwide known place for rock climbing.

Once I arrived at the campground, I met up with a few native South African people. We went slack lining over a dark brownish lake… I made everyone laugh when I asked them about crocodiles 😛 ! Haha “No, that lake is crocodiles free my friend!”. Oops…! Anyway, crocodile or not, nobody got bitten and we had loads of fun! Later we exchanged various things such as cultural differences. I tried to learn the reality of life in South Africa, I also learned about wild animals obviously 😛 but little bugs too, and about climbing of course!
And a very special thank to The Cliffs in New York and Blocbuster in Paris to allow me to keep my climbings skills around the world, and to Grooveshark to help me stay psych by listening to my favorite music wherever I am! Hope you’ll enjoy the video!

You’d rather watch it on Vimeo? Click here.

And a few pics of course!

See you soon!!!