Yesterday I spent 2 hours with those kids. Sharing my life with them, showing that everyone’s got the opportunity of making their dreams come true.

We all remenber their childhood and how they envied adults and often idolised them. If you think hard enough you’ll remember that time and how you wanted to be this or that! I had those same thoughts but I went after my dreams. I showed them that it’s alright to dream, to have ambitions, but the most important is to make things happen. They saw that I am no different from them, they had the guy they can see on pictures or watch in videos just there standing in front of them; no smarter and not different from anyone else. In summary, my speech was that if I’m able to have projects concretised, you too can do it. You just have to believe in yourself. I wish grown ups start dreaming again and do what it takes to make things happen, and teenagers to know that their destiny is in their hands and that they can undertake anything! You don’t need to be SPECIAL to do great things in life, you just need to believe !

It was Lovely to share that with the next generation!

See you around!