The story of my first movie

I did a casting last January for a film as an extra, and I ended up with a talking role, exchanging few lines with Kevin Costner and Amber Heard (just before she was supposed to kill me), in Luc Besson’s then latest project, Three days to Kill. I won’t go into details, but I lost that first job as an actor because a seemingly insignificant piece of paper. In fact, that paper should have been filled out a month before the shoot, and it had thrown me out of the stage the day before the shooting… Needless to say, I was really upset!

It took me few months to recover from my former agency’s mistake, even if I took my business elsewhere right after the incident. I quickly mentionned it in one of my last posts, “Aurora Borealis”, but it was still dragging me down so I didn’t want to speak about it too much. Yes, that loss in confidence might have been stupid of me, but I felt devastated… Imagine going on your first casting hoping to get a part as an extra, then a week later, because they liked you so much, you get a talking role, exchanging lines with no other than Amber Heard and Kevin Costner! Upon learing that, you prepare yourself like crazy, and then 24 hours before the shoot, the whole thing gets cancelled because someone else didn’t do his job right :-! At that time, I had taken all the energy I had, and invested it wholeheartedly into acting. My first casting ever gave me a talking role with Amber Heard and Kevin Costner, so somewhere inside myself I could still believe in my acting potential.

Well, they say time fixes everything, and rightly so: last September, I did a casting for a project that received the Audi Talents Awards here in Paris, Coralie Fargeat’s new film, Reality +. Then, a few weeks later, I got some good feedback, but nothing was certain.

Today, after weeks of training, working hard on my French Parisien accent and playing with various character to find the right one for the script, I just got the confirmation that I’ll be playing in the movie! YEAH !! The shoot will take place in January in Paris, and after that, I’ll celebrate as much as someone should when they played their first talking role in a movie, and even more so, because that first movie will be in theaters in Paris !

To revceive news about the movie, I invite you to Like the Reality + Facebook Page ! Although, you can audition for one of the movie’s silent roles, simply get online and apply on the Reality + web site !

So, at the end, whatever happens to you, always keep your dreams close to your heart and fight for them, cause that’s what it takes to make them true one day!

On these great news, I wish you Merry Christmas !!

See you soon!!