The 2017 Blysk Racing Team

Neuroperforma is the leading edge in neurofeedback in Canada. Using the latest technology available, they ensure to give the maximum benefit to their clients in less training session. This results in reaching your goals faster and spending less money. Whether you’re suffering from ADHD, sleeping disorder, anxiety problems or like myself who wants to increase your brain performance in sports or school, take a look at their website to learn more about this futuristic technology that NEUROPERFORMA is offering us.
M.M. Carrosserie & Mecanique is the place to repair and revamp any type of vehicle. Whatever your need are, Mario Ménard and his team are the reference for mechanic, bodywork and for painting any kind of surfaces. Have a look at his Facebook page! MM. CARROSSERIE & MECANIQUE
...Lettrage T2 Design is the place to go if you want to have a beautiful Logo signs for your business, some logo stickers or even prints and business cards. The company are two time award winners of the Chambre de Commerce Beauhamois -Salaberry GOOD GREEN plus the top 8th in their first international award ! Without any doubt, you will find the quality you’re looking for! Visit their website to learn more LETTRAGE T2 DESIGN
Dominion Tshirt is the place to go for any custom design you have in mind! From the perfect hats to the jacket and t-shirt, they will make your wishes become reality. Silk screen printing, embroidery, logo creations and even more than what you can expect by doing business with them! Visit their website to make your own creation! DOMINION TSHIRT

Motovan Corporation is Canada’s leading distributor, exporter and manufacturer of Motorcycle, MX, ATV / UTV, and Snowmobile parts and accessories. Motovan focuses on: building and maintaining the largest Canadian dealer network, strong leadership and customer service excellence. Motovan’s is the leader in the industry for the past 30+ years. MOTOVAN
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Ipone is a french brand known worldwide for their vast variety of products. From the high end performance 0W-40 engine oil to the air filter spray or brake cleaner, all Ipone products are specifically made to take care of your motorcycle and other vehicles. Their products are available in Canada, visit their website to learn more! IPONE
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Nadon Sport is the new BMW Motorrad dealer in Montreal. Any bike you may have in mind… they have it! The business has been running and evolving since 1961, so you are at the right place to get the best advices! Visit their website to learn more! NADON SPORT
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Ohlins suspensions are not a myth, they are reality. This product is being used in the most prestigious motorsport championships all over the world, the reason why is because they are the best! I’ve made the switch myself after racing a complete season with OEM suspensions and the difference is HUGE. If you want to be fast, invest in their products first! OHLINS USA
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Pro 6 Cycle is organizing all the track days at Calabogie Motorsport, a couple others at Shannonville, and also at Mosport. The company was founded in 1995 and runs some amazing events through the summer. No doubt to be in best hands with them, you can trust their knowledge and enjoy your day! Visit their website to learn more! PRO 6 CYCLE
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Fab-Mac is the place to go for any aluminum or stainless steel inquiries. An amazing team of experienced machinist will not only make the parts you need, they will make it to perfection while respecting all your specs. From the most amazing welding to the jig design or race pit board, Fab-Mac will make it happens. Visit their website to learn more! FAB-MAC
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1ASM Motosport is organizing awesome track days at the Autodrome St-Eustache nearby Montreal. If you want to have a real bike ride, this is the place to go as fast as you want while being in a safe environment. Eric Moffette and Pascal Bastien built this service for beginners as well as for the professional riders. Everyone can have their sessions and can enjoy the track at their own pace! Visit their website to learn more! ASM MOTORSPORT
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1TSBK, Tremblant Superbike organize the motorcycle track days at the world famous Mont-Tremblant F1 race track. If you want to have the feeling of riding an European track, this is definitely the place to go! Marc-Olivier will be pleased to introduce you to his public track day and who knows; maybe you’ll become a VIP member later on! Visit his website to learn more! TSBK
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Turcotte Performance is the place to go in order to tune your bike to its maximum capacity! Frank will be pleased to release the horsepower of your motorcycle and tune it just like you want it, he’s the best! Visit his website to learn more! TURCOTTE PERFORMANCE
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Karting St-Zotique is the place to stop by to have some fun with friends and family! I can assure you won’t be disappointed by visiting this karting and wakeboard facilities. I was able to work on my racing lines at any time with the amazing business hours as it stays open until midnight! Have a look at their website to learn more! KARTING ST-ZOTIQUE
HotBodiesRacing homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_black
Hotbodies Racing is a California based factory, and these are the guys to contact to get your bike ready for a track day or for racing. They provides riders with very high quality fairing that allows quick and easy installation no matter the brand of your bike! Visit their website to learn more! HOTBODIES RACING
North America Maple Syrup is an upcoming worldwide distributor of our amazing Canadian’s maple syrup! Only distributing the highest quality product, they ensure to keep Canada’s reputation at the top! Their website will be ready pretty soon, if you’re looking to by maple syrup for your business, they surely are the one to be dealing with!
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Euro Moto is a motorcycle dealer located in St-Eustache, near Montreal. Specialized on used bike, you’ll find the ride of your life and a great choice of parts and products at unbeatable prices. Most important, they have the best mechanic in house! Hervé Remetter will simply make your ride look like a world class bike! Visit their website to learn more! EUROMOTO
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Sport Bike Track Gear is one of the biggest online shop to find all what you need for your ride. They offer a huge variety of brands at amazing prices and there customer service is beyond expectation! Visit their website to learn more! SPORT BIKE TRACK GEAR
Inspired by humans, inspired by nature. Dainese has been innovating protective equipment for motorcyclists – from back protectors to gloves, from knee sliders to airbags – according to this maxim since 1972. Get yourself inspired by visiting their website DAINESE
MMCarrosserie et mecanique homepage featured_white_2Franklin Motorsport is a dirt biking facility nearby Montreal. They offer a stunning dirt track and a fun enduro track for the motivated one! One thing is sure, you will enjoy the track and the riders there, the local community is great! Visit their website to learn more! FRANKLIN MOTOSPORT
Euro Moto homepage featured_heigth_210px X 150_white_1Dunlop is certainly making one of the best motorcycle tires on the planet. Their compound is reliable, durable, and will stick to the pavement! If you’re located in Canada, please contact Pro 6 Cycle for all your Dunlop tires inquiries. Visit their website to learn more! PRO 6 CYCLE
Galfer makes it a point to be the first to get you the latest applications. Their relationships with top race teams and the OEM manufacturers allow them to get their hands on the newest bikes before the public does, so they can make sure that their replacement pads, lines and rotors bolt up perfectly! Visit their website for more details at GALFER USA

Rock Climbing

Blocbuster is the new climbing gym in Paris! It not only offers great climbing opportunities but also workout trainings, fitness programs, a sauna and good food. The most amazing thing about Blocbuster I think is the will to satisfy every customer, the service is simply really great there. The owners are open minded and willing to hear suggestions. The place is always clean and taken care of; the ambiance is nice and the holds are brand new! If you’re looking for a good time, stop looking around, Blocbuster is the place for you! Visit them at BLOCBUSTER to get more details!

The Cliffs is located one stop away from Manhattan, and only a few steps away from the subway. The new setup happens in Long Island City. With its massive bouldering and climbing walls, The Cliffs is by far the best climbing gym in the New York area. The atmosphere is incomparable and your experience will be nothing short of awesome while climbing among the best climbers on Earth! On top of that, you will find all levels of difficulty on various angles, and they have the best setters out there. They offer very spacious areas for specific training ! Have a look at their website to learn more! THE CLIFFS CLIMBING to get more details about this brand new rock climbing gym in New York !