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We always fly together !

Why Grooveshark? To listen to free online music using a fast and simple interface! A really good pall of mine turned me on to the site and I’ve been using it everyday ever since. A few months back I sent Grooveshark a few recommendations to improve their interface! As with my other collaborators, I was impressed with their customer service. And that is why I wanted to partner up with them. Have a look at WWW.GROOVESHARK.COM


The Cliffs is located one stop away from Manhattan, and only a few steps away from the subway. The new setup happens in Long Island City, in a huge building with a very high ceiling. With its massive bouldering and climbing walls, The Cliffs is by far the best climbing gym in New York. The atmosphere is incomparable and your experience will be nothing short of awesome while climbing among the best climbers on Earth! On top of that, you will find all levels of difficulty on various angles, and they have the best setters out there. Visit them at WWW.THECLIFFSCLIMBING.COM


Blocbuster is the new climbing gym in Paris! It not only offers great climbing opportunities but also workout trainings, fitness programs, a sauna and good food. The five owners are aged 28 to 30 and their gym is open for business as of May 12th 2012. The most amazing thing about Blocbuster is the will to satisfy every customer. The service is really great there. The owners are open minded and willing to hear suggestions. If you’re looking for a good time you can stop looking around, Blocbuster is the place for you! Visit them at WWW.BLOCBUSTER.FR